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13 November 1989
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About: Medstudent with brown eyes, brown hair and a very unhealthy obcession with gay literature, who sometimes does things other than cram her head full of obscure latin names.

Content: general introspection, occasional politics, sometimes science here. (and most probably my experience of first year at medical school, with the inevitable gore and guts). Art and Poetry at floart

Friending policy: F-locked so men in black suits can't find it, but otherwise happy to meet new people. I will most likely add you right back. :)

Quote: The physicist Leo Szilard once announced to his friend Hans Bethe that he was thinking of keeping a diary:"I don't intend to publish. I am merely going to record the fact for the information of God." "Don't you think God knows the facts?" Bethe asked. "Yes, " said Szilard. "He knows the facts, but He does not know this version of the facts."

- Hans Christian von Baeyer

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